AMLSP 2020 Speakers



Keynote Speaker I  

Distinguished Prof. Rung-Ching Chen, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan 


Rung-Ching Chen received the B.S. degree from department of electrical engineering in 1987, and the M. S. degree from the institute of computer engineering in 1990, both from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan. In 1998, he received the Ph.D. degree from the department of applied mathematics in computer science sessions, National Chung Tsing University. He is now a professor at the Department of Information Management, Taichung, Taiwan. He was a Department Chair of Information Management in CYUT, Chaoyang University of Technology, between 2005 and 2007. He has been a Dean of Informatics College of CYUT since 2007 to 2015. He was the Execution Director of Institution Research Office during Dec. 2015 and Jan. 2017 in CYUT. He also the president of Taiwanese Association for Consumer Electronics during December, 2012 and Dec. 2014. He has been a Fellow of IET since July, 2011. He was a visiting Professor at University of Central Florida, U.S.A. in 2012. He got a PMP(Project Management Professional) certification in 2013. His research interests include networks technology, domain ontology, pattern recognition and knowledge engineering, IoT and data analysis, the applications of Artificial Intelligent.


Keynote Speaker II 

Prof. Shigeo Akashi, Tokyo University of Science, Japan


Shigeo Akashi was certified as a Ph.D. holder by Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1987 and he is now a professor at Tokyo University of Science. He was the chair professor at the Department of Information Sciences at this university from 2015 through 2016. As for the academic and educational activities, he has been a member of the Experts Committee leading scientific education for Japanese senior high schools, which is authorized by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japanese Government since 2016. He is interested in the interdisciplinary research area ranging from applied mathematics and information sciences. As for the aspect of applied mathematics, he was an invited speaker in Asian Mathematical Conference which was held at Busan City in Korea in 2013, and moreover, he was a member of Scientific Committee for Asian Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization which was approved as a satellite international conference of International Congress of Mathematicians 2014. As for the aspect of information science, he has been certified as Distinguished Cisco Certified Active Instructor by Cisco Networking Academy, which is administrated by Cisco Systems, since 2012, and moreover, he was awarded 2018 APSCIT Fellowship by Asia Pacific Society for Computing and Information Technology. His joint research work with RKC Instruments Co. Ltd., which is the largest company in all Japanese companies producing temperature-measuring instruments, named as "An algorithm for discriminating the inside of a closed curve from the outside" has been approved with Patent ID. 4760768 by Japan Patent Office attached to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japanese Government in 2011.


Keynote Speaker III 

Prof. Alexander Balinsky, Cardiff University, UK


Prof. Alexander Balinsky received his PhD degree in Mathematical Physics from the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics in 1990 and was Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology from 1993 till 1997. He joined Cardiff University in 1997. He is a Professor in the Cardiff School of Mathematics and WIMCS (Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences), Chair in Mathematical Physics. His current research interests lie in the areas of spectral theory, stability of matter, image processing and machine learning. He has participated in EU TMR network on Partial Differential Equations and Quantum Mechanics (1996-2001). He was PI on three years grant from United State-Israel Binational Science Foundation (1996-1999), on three years EPSRC Research Grant 2003-2006. He was founding member of Cardiff Communication Research Centre. He had several joint with Hewlett-Packard research projects and several patents.  He also did consultancy work for Reuters, London on mathematical models for Internet Security. His Impact Case Study "Meeting the Challenges of Data Security: Detecting Unusual Behaviour and Mining Unstructured Data" was featured in the leading article 'The impact of impact' in Times Higher. Out of almost 7,000 case studies that were submitted to REF2014 across all units of assessment from all universities, this case study was one of only 8 highlighted in the article! He was invited by Springer to prepare an article about this Impact Case Study to be publish in a special book "REF 2014 Impact Cases: UK Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics". The book was published in February 2015. Currently he is PI on joint with Hewlett-Packard and Dyfed Powys Police on “Crime Analysis and Predictive Policing”.



Plenary Speaker I

Assoc. Prof. Gangmin Li, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China


A highly educated academic with over 35 years of research and teaching experience in 4 British Universities and 2 Chinese Universities. His research interests include Big Data Analytics, Distributed AI, Knowledge Engineering (KE), Agent and Multi-agent Systems, Grid Technology and HCI. He has taught modules include AI, Disruptive Technologies, Big Data Analytics, Semi-structured Databases, and Technologies for e-Commerce. He has supervised two PhD students to completion and three PhD students on going and many master students. He has published a Book in title of "Foundation for Big Data Analytics: Concepts, Technologies, Methods and Business" (ISBN: 978-7-03-058148-8), and over 120 Journal and Conference papers. He has wide industrial research connections and worked with IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, Baidu and iFlyTek, etc. He has extensive experience in the application of big data analysis, artificial intelligence and knowledge maps in the fields of business, industry and finance.



Plenary Speaker II

Assoc. Prof. Wan-Quan Liu, Curtin University, Australia


Dr. Wanquan Liu received the BSc degree in Applied Mathematics from Qufu Normal University, P. R. China, in 1985, the MSc degree in Control Theory and Operation Research from Chinese Academy of Science in 1988, and the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University, in 1993. He once held the ARC Fellowship, U2000 Fellowship and JSPS Fellowship and attracted research funds from different resources over 2.7 million Australian dollars. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing at Curtin University and is the Editor-in-chief for the international journal Mathematical Foundation of Computing and in editorial board for seven international journals. His current research interests include large-scale pattern recognition, signal processing, machine learning, and computer vision.