Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest for Submission Include, but are not limited to :



Advanced numerical algorithms

Computational learning theory

Bio Signal Processing

Applications of computation as a scientific paradigm

Experimental evaluation

Audio/Speech Processing and Coding

Applications of computational science

Knowledge refinement

Statistical Signal Processing

Complex systems: modeling and simulation

Reproducible research

Signal Processing for Communications

Computational complexity, economics, geometry

Statistical learning theory

Medical Image Processing

Computational geometry

Learning problems

Array Signal Processing

Computational humanities

Adaptive systems

Soft Computing for Image Processing

Computational mathematics

Business intelligence

Signal Processing for Security

Computational methods, algorithms and scientific application


Video Processing

Computational sociology



Education in computational science


Hybrid computational methods

VLSI Signal Processing

Medical and biomedical computational science


New algorithmic approaches to computational kernels and applications


Advanced computing architectures and new programming models


Parallel and distributed computing


Web and grid based simulation and computing